Frequently Asked Questions

We know how important it is to make sure that your Prop Money is what you are looking for, which is why we have compiled a selection of our most frequently asked questions to help you before you buy.  Please bear in mind that any changes we have made to our products are done so for your own protection.  The use of counterfeit money is a criminal offence which is why our products are created in adherence with all legal requirements to ensure you are completely above board when using the Big Screen Stacks Prop Money Products.  
Question: Is the Money Single Sided? 
 Our UK Pounds are single sided but the last note of each stack has the reverse side printed so that your stack can be turned upside down.  However, our American Dollars are double sided.  
Question: Can You Do Double-sided Pounds? 
No.  The law requires that all UK reproductions must be single sided.  
Question: How Fast Can You Deliver? 
 In most circumstances we can deliver with 1-2 working days.  Please note that orders placed after 5pm on Friday will still be processed but may not be delivered until Monday/Tuesday of the following week.  For, bespoke orders please contact us directly to discuss lead times.   
Question:  Can We Rent The Money?
Due to the product being something that must be handled, this not a service we provide.  
Question:  Does The Money Look And Feel Real? 
All of the images used on our website are of our actual prop money products - If they look real to you then the answer is a resounding yes! Our products have been carefully designed to ensure that you receive a product that can convince even the most observant viewers.  However, our all of our money Props are fully compliant with reproduction requirements of the Bank Of England and the U.S Copyright law required for omissions to be registered with the Library of Congress, therefore they have physical differences so that it cannot be confused with real money, but on's the real deal!
Question: Do You Provide Discounts On Larger Orders? 
Yes.  For orders greater than what we have advertised on the website, please contact us.  Our printing costs reduce when we increase our print runs - we then pass those savings onto you. 
Here are some useful links to see our products in action: 
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Youtube channel: whathowwhy does a great job of explaining our prop money and the legalities around it. 
 Bank Of England Conditions and The Law: Click Here