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$10K PROP MONEY / $100 BILLS / 1996 - 2013 EDITION

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100 x $100 Full Print - Double sided - Old Style - Prop Dollar Bills.

  • LOOKS LIKE REAL USA MONEY ON FILM - your viewers won’t know the difference. 
  • TRUSTED BY THE FILM AND TV INDUSTRY - ITV, Channel 4, Britains Got Talent, Rock of Ages, Casualty, Dancing on Ice plus many more. 
  • PRINTED ON THE HIGHEST QUALITY INDUSTRY STANDARD PAPER - Your money props won't smudge and fade.
  • DESIGNED AND MADE IN THE UK - Quality assured props, no Chinese writing, produced to the highest standard. 

Important - By purchasing this product you understand that this is a prop and therefore has been designed in such a way that it will look authentic on camera but it includes distinguishing features to ensure it cannot be mistaken for real money.  

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